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Revolutionizing how health clubs engage with their community

To retain more members, generate more sales and increase your reach, start inspiring the ‘human’.

Campaigns and Content delivered through personalized email newsletters, marketing emails, webpages and social networks that will:

Fitness Center Marketing Strategies
  • Inspire more people to want to improve their health, well-being and fitness,
  • Educate readers on how to get more from your facilities, classes and programs and their commitment to fitness,
  • Put more people in training programs and in classes
  • Extend and improve your service to your members
  • Increase the perception of value the customer gets from your classes, programs and facilities
  • Easily create more - and promote existing - events and classes, encouraging more activity at your Facility
  • Build a stronger relationship between your Club, the trainers and your members

We don’t just educate and inform people about what facilities and services you offer. We inspire them to want to commit more of their time to improving their health. That is a perfect customer for you club.

Marketing specialists working for you

We deliver world-class results while making it easy for you to spend more time on the front-line with customers and prospective customers.

We are Marketing Professionals specializing in building stronger health club communities.

We develop marketing campaigns and design and write the content for you. From beginning to end we can take your marketing burden off you, and, always with your approval, deliver the best marketing content to your golfers.

The content we write and publish is inspiring and interesting. The graphics and images are high quality and engaging.

Campaign Managers make sure our content works perfectly for your Facility. They add additional advice on ways to engage members more effectively at your Facility for even better results.

Fitness Center Marketing Specialist

Using online assets to drive more current and prospective members into your club more often

Smart content, published in online formats needs to inspire readers to want to put their phone down and their laptop away and start changing their lives at your Facility.

  • Inspiring Email Newsletters: Personalized local news along with inspiring articles ensure read rates 4x industry averages. Fitness Newsletter Marketing
  • Engaging Webpages: Content written for your website, providing the reader valuable information on training, nutrition, well-being and lifestyle. Fitness Website Marketing
  • Social Networks you can trust: Your own Social Network that connects your golfers in a space where no-one else can advertise to them or compete for them. Social Network Marketing
  • Reaching out to members: Wherever your customers are, you can keep them informed, educated and inspired on their phones, their tablets, and at their desks. Fitness Community Marketing
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    We deliver our campaigns and content through many formats; including newsletters, marketing emails, online surveys, web pages, web content, and social networks; all personalized depending on the package you choose.

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  • Made Easy for You

    We allocate a Campaign Manager and a Content Editor to you, allowing you to spend more of your time with the golfer, and us to do the work in the back-office.

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  • Pricing and Planning

    We have multiple versions of our product starting as low as $ 1,500 per annum with no setup or additional fees, enabling us to provide you with a service and solution that fits your needs.

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