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Marketing and Campaign Management

We don’t just educate and inform people about what facilities and services you offer. We inspire them to want to commit more of their time to improving their health. That is a perfect customer for you club.

  • Understanding the campaign’s purposeEvery Campaign has a clear purpose and objective that fits within a marketing calendar and the local market opportunities.
  • Taking the campaign furtherTo drive even better results we provide you with additional optional actions you can take. These include physical actions you can take at your Facility, additional personalized content we can create, events you could run; all designed to increase engagement.
  • Driving your Commercial TargetsEach Marketing Campaign has clear targets that your Campaign Manager will work with you to achieve. It’s your end commercial result that is a measurement of your, and therefore our, success.
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Targeted Email Marketing

Each Marketing Campaign has clear targets that your Campaign Manager will work with you to achieve. It’s your end commercial result that is a measurement of your, and therefore our, success.

  • Building your BrandFrom top to bottom, your weekly email newsletter will help to build the brand of the Facility and your Health and Fitness experts. It comes from the “trusted source” – the leader and expert in your community.
  • Promoting your local propositionThe content is of interest and of relevance to your community. Within the opening section, we encourage you to talk about your customers and their success and the upcoming events and opportunities at your Facility. There is no need for technical knowledge or formatting skills. We manage that for you.
  • Articles that inspireInteresting and informative articles, we write for you, inspire and engage with your customers. They are designed to not only drive activity and participation but to strengthen the customer’s understanding and appreciation of their Health and Fitness experts and what their Facility has to offer.
  • Promoting your eventsLinks in the newsletter drive customers to your website to read local news and reminders for Facility events.
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Website Marketing

We create a website, personalized for you, that drives participation and activity, extending the lifestyle improvement conversation with customers. This either stands alone as your own Facility website or as a supporting micro-site driving additional traffic to your Facility website.

  • Local and dynamic websiteThe website is dynamic, local and relevant. It supports the marketing messages that will build participation, activity and loyalty.
  • Online content that inspires better lifestyleWe provide ever-changing web features to interest your customers. These include interactional fitness features to inspire customers to want to live a healthier lifestyle and to visit their Health and Fitness Facility more often. Content is updated weekly and is written in the voice of your Health and Fitness experts.
  • Providing the latest news and alertsEasily create alerts that appear on your homepage and in your newsfeed to customers. Update customers instantly on opportunities to partake in events, special training programs and anything else that is important to your Facility.
  • Promoting your local propositionHave your RetailTribe Campaign Manager add your own local services and products with local testimony. We can make sure that your proposition to your customers is very clearly understood.

Building Stronger Communities

Posting updates and alerts to your website homepage is as simple as ‘Writing Something...’ and clicking the share button. Your customers want to receive the latest news. They will feel more connected.

  • Keeping your customer up to datePosting updates and alerts to your website homepage is as simple as ‘Writing Something...’ and clicking the share button. Your customers want to receive the latest news. They will feel more connected.
  • Interacting with customers onlineYour customers can comment on your posts or post an update or query of their own. Your service improves; the customer’s understanding improves and the more likely they are to keep visiting your Facility.
  • Getting the Facility management involvedYou can extend this service to others at your Facility. Make it easier for your Personal Trainers and specialized service’s staff to update customers and you will have customers visiting the Facility more often.
  • Groups help to build the larger communityEven allow the special groups within your Facility to organize themselves, making it easier for them to train together or even just to congregate at your Facility.
  • Better customer knowledgeLearn more about your customers by encouraging them to build out their profile. It will let you deliver a better service to the individual customer, without you having to keep laborious records.
  • Customer Contact ManagementIt is easy to keep track of customer requests allowing you to do a better job of following up. Everything is visible in one place. Customer queries are not lost in your email inbox. That makes service easier to deliver.

Article Marketing

Linked to a specific Marketing Campaign, every article our expert authors and designers create has a clear objective: Promoting a better lifestyle through the guidance and expertise of the Health and Fitness expert - through his or her voice - inspiring customers to want to live a healthier life, to visit the Facility and to engage the Health and Fitness experts more often.

  • Inspiring your customersBy constantly talking about the end result, our content inspires the reader to want to live a healthier life. The articles we design promote the advantages of your Facility and the expertise of your Health and Fitness experts.
  • Information that customers want to receiveThe read rates on our newsletters are many times the industry average. Your customers want to read articles designed to help them live a healthier life. They want to know how they can look better, feel stronger and maintain their energy and fitness levels for a longer period of time. We inspire them, so you can provide the facilities and expertise to improve them. Then they visit the Facility more often and become a lifetime customer.
  • Driving ActionWe create as much physical engagement for you as you want. Every piece of content we create can have the ‘call to action’ added or removed. This action may be a link to contact request or a more affirmative action such as ‘book a health and fitness assessment’. But you are in control.
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Customer Surveys

The more you know about your customer, the better the relationship you can have and the better the service will be. We encourage your customers to extend their profiles adding more information about their status and valuable insights into their preferences.

  • Getting to know more about your customersYour customers want to tell their Health and Fitness Expert about their current lifestyle and challenges. Through the use of online surveys we help you gather your customers’ key information, current health and fitness levels, preferences, goals and much more.
  • Targeting Your Customer's NeedsWith the knowledge of your customer base in hand, our Campaign Managers can work with you to create targeted campaigns that can help boost event attendance and membership renewals. In addition, you can provide a customized service offering which helps to build a more loyal customer base.
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    We design, write and implement content and campaigns that influence golfers to want to invest time and money in playing, partici- pating and improving and to want to engage with their PGA Professional.

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    We allocate a Campaign Manager and a Content Editor to you, allowing you to spend more of your time with the golfer, and us to do the work in the back-office.

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    We have multiple versions of our product starting as low as $ 1,500 per annum with no setup or additional fees, enabling us to provide you with a service and solution that fits your needs.

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