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You need to be with your customers, we are your support

Our objective is to create more activity with real customers for you and your staff. That means our experts need to take the back-office marketing weight off your shoulders. It is their job to leave you free to engage with more people, more often.

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We work for you

We create more activity with real customers for you and your staff. Our experts take the back-office marketing weight off your shoulders, leaving you free to engage with more customers, more often.

Campaign Manager
Your Campaign Manager is your personal digital marketing consultant who understands your marketing and sales objectives and will work with you to achieve the best results for you in your community.
Content Editor
Your Content Editor ensures that all your content is personalized and presented professionally and correctly, whether it is webpages or newsletter content.
Authors and Graphic Designers
Authors and Graphic Designers are the experts in writing educational and informative content that will inspire your readers to engage with you more often.
Marketing Specialists
Marketing Specialists keep you briefed on best practice ways to grow your business and then design marketing campaigns to deliver specific marketing and sales results.
Dispatch and Database Managers
Dispatch and Database Managers will ensure that your Campaigns and Content reaches the highest number of potential customers in your community.

What do you have to do?

In one hour or less per week, you receive astonishing results and interact with your entire community.

We understand that your time is limited, yet it is important to build your community around you, the leader and expert of your community. Our simple 3-step weekly process allows you to use all our different online mediums to communicate and help build your community with very little effort. The important thing to remember about this process is that you do not have to do everything yourself. Get your assistants, personal trainers and health practitioners to help you and share in the community-building process.

Click on each step to learn more about our 3-step process:

Step 1: Collecting and Sending Information 30 minutes

Each week you want to collect information that can be used to spread your expert message amongst your community. This step should be divided between you and your staff in order to minimize the time you spend collecting and preparing your weekly content.

Take 5 minutes each day to write down points you want to discuss in the different online mediums i.e. Facility service updates, upcoming events, membership specials, member successes and health and fitness advice. Get your staff to gather some of this information and send it to you to save you time and effort.

Each week Friday, all you need to do is compile all the information collected and send it to your Campaign Manager to insert and publish across your newsletter and website. Before publishing any material, we will always seek your final approval.

To make things even easier, use our content guide to help you get the best results from your content every week.

Step 2: Weekly Website Management 5 - 10 minutes

From the information you collect each week, choose the items (Facility news and service updates, membership specials, events, member success stories) to also insert on your website. Mark the information and simply send it to your Campaign Manager to update for you.

Once the material you provided is ready to be viewed online, we will always seek your final approval.

Step 3: Weekly Online Community Networking 5 - 10 minutes

You do not have to wait to communicate with your community. The Online Community Network allows you to communicate with your community on the go! However, you want to make optimal use of the impact this network can make in your community, so make sure you make at least three posts each week. The results can have a massive impact with just 5 minutes of your time per week.

We want to make things easy for you! We have guidelines and suggestions that will help you to use this network to your advantage.

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    We design, write and implement content and campaigns that influence golfers to want to invest time and money in playing, partici- pating and improving and to want to engage with their PGA Professional.

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    We deliver our campaigns and content through many formats; including newsletters, marketing emails, online surveys, web pages, web content, and social networks; all personalized depending on the package you choose.

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    We have multiple versions of our product starting as low as $ 1,500 per annum with no setup or additional fees, enabling us to provide you with a service and solution that fits your needs.

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